Encyclopedia of Ed, Part III: Teaching

My teaching essays comprise the biggest chunk of writing on the site. Some of the essays are above, in the Cognitive Ability section, but most of it is here.

Teacher Compensation, Credentialing, Training

The Shibboleths of Tenure Haters

Coaching Teachers

What Can We Blame Teacher Unions For?

In Which Ed Explains Induction

Teaching Oddness #2: Work More, Get Paid More

Teaching Oddness #3: What Happens When We’re Absent

Myth of the Teacher Leader

Math Isn’t Aspirin. Neither is Teaching

Ed Schools, Prescriptive Training, and Academic Freedom

Handling Teacher Preps

On interviewing and ed school

Older Teachers

The difference between tech hiring and teacher hiring

The school year begins

Teaching Philosophy/Observations

The Myth of the Teacher Leader, Redux

Three VIPs for New Teachers

Handling Teacher Perks

Handling Teacher Preps

Killing My Own Snakes

Group Work vs. Working in Groups

Troubling Students

Teaching is Unknowable

Teaching: The Movie

Learning from Mr. Singh

On the Spring Valley High Incident

The Day of Three Miracles

Teaching and Intellectual Property:

Curriculum Development: Not Work for Hire

Teaching and Intellectual Property

Developing Curriculum

Teaching and Students in Action

Great Moments in Teaching, or Browbeating Psychoanalysis

Great Moments in Teaching, The Third Dimension

Great Moments in Teaching, the Third Dimension Part II

A Clarifying Moment

In Teaching, Even Caitlin Flanagan Has Her Uses

Building Narratives

Tales from Zombieland, Calculus Edition, Part I

Tales from Zombieland, Calculus Edition, Part II

Citizens, Not Americans

Jake’s Guest Lecture

Teaching Math

I couldn’t figure out how to order these, so I tried to do it in curriculum order.


Illustrating Functions

Functions vs. Equations: F(x) is y and more

Modeling Rational Expressions

Modeling Linear Equations—this is part 3, but is the most coherent, with links to parts I and II.

Modeling Linear Inequalities

Binomial Multiplication and Factoring Trinomials with The Rectangle

Teaching Polynomials

Polynomial Operations as Glue: Second Year Algebra

The Negative 16 Problems and Educational Romanticism

Teaching Algebra, or Banging Your Head With a Whiteboard

Modeling Exponential Growth/Decay Interspersed with a Reform Rant


Teaching Geometry

Geometry: Starting Off

Mapping Real Life with Coordinate Geometry

Kicking Off Triangles: What Method is This?

Teaching Congruence, or Are You Happy, Professor Wu?

The Virtue of Last Minute Planning–Geometry

Isometries and Coordinate Geometry

Teaching Trig

Other Math
Modeling Probability

Assessing “Upper Level” Math Students on Algebra I

Pre-Calc Preparation

How I Teach Math

You can get a lot of that from the above essays, but these are more general philosophy and approach. The first two are essential reading to get what I’m about, but all of them give a consistent picture, I think.

The huge irony, the big oddness about me, the HBD teacher: my classes look very much like a successful application of progressive education ideas. Go figure.

I Don’t Do Homework

What I learned: Year 1

What I learned: Year 2

What I Learned: Year 3

What I Learned: Years 4-7
How I Teach

Teaching: My Retrospective

Who I Am as a Teacher

The Release and “Dumbing it Down”

Teaching Algebra I

Opening Day as Opening Night

Math Instruction Philosophies

Teaching Math a Third Way

The Test That Made Them Go Hmmmm

Assessing Students

Multiple Answer Math Tests

Assessments with Multiple Answers

Designing Multiple Answer Math Tests

Assessing Math Understanding: Max, Homer, and Wesley

Below here is much older stuff. Interesting and still relevant, but probably changed methods since then.

Algebra Student Distribution–An Example

My math classes: are they prepared? Um. No. So what?

Midterms and Ability Indicators

Algebra 1 Growth in Geometry and Algebra II

A new year begins—midyear

Meanwhile….midterms again

Spring 2013: These students aren’t really prepared, either.

Algebra 1 Growth in Geometry and Algebra II, Spring 2013

Why Merit Pay and Value Added Assessment Won’t Work, Part I–the title’s kind of a joke. But the data is serious.

Teaching History and Literature

I loved teaching literature so much I did on the side for years, only recently giving it up to get weekends back. And I’m lucky enough to get to teach US History once in a while.

Statistics of Slaves

Understanding the 2016 Election, High School Edition

Teaching History in the Trump Era

The Things I Teach

Teaching Elections and the Electoral College

Teaching Humanities, History of Elizabethan Theater (II)

Teaching Humanities, Part I

Teaching Humanities, Twelfth Night

Teaching Humanities, History of Elizabethan Theater (I)

The End of Pi

An Asian Revelation



What paperwork?

Getting Engagement

On to part IV: Miscellany, Movies, and Me

Earlier sections:
Part I: Things Voldemortean
Part II: The Players

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