Encyclopedia of Ed, Part IV: Miscellany, Movies, and Me

All Things Trump

I’m a Trump voter, deep in Blue Land. Big fan. Sorry.


Notes from a Trump Supporter: It’s the Immigration, Stupid!

Citizens, Not Americans

This Great Election


Celebrating Trump in Deep Blue Land

The Trump Effect: Reboot, or Yesterday’s Enterprise?

The Invisible Trump Voters

Other Current Events

Defining the Alt Right

Arizona’s Experience and the Tale it Tells

On the Spring Valley High IncidentMelanie Wilkes, Feminist

Don’t Treat A Cop Like A Teacher

Strategizing Horror

Twitter: A Choice, Not a Publication

Jason Richwine and Goring the Media’s Ox


Miscellaneous Education

These are clearly educational related, but didn’t really fit anywhere else.

Escaping Poverty

Memory Palace for Thee, but not for Me

The Gap in the GRE

SAT Writing Tests–A Brief History


NAEP TUDA Scores—Detroit isn’t Boston

NAEP TUDA: Does Black Poverty Matter?

Movies and Other Miscellany

Best Movie About Teaching. Ever.

Propaganda Films

Teaching Movies

On John Quincy Adams and His Photograph

On Ending the Year

On the Blog Itself

Why I Blog

Writing for free, but not as a Writer

100 Posts

Most Popular Posts and Favorites

2013: Taking Stock and Looking Forward

2014: Half a million satisfied page views

2015: Turning a Corner. Maybe


Five Years On, And Then Trump
Learning Math

Acquiring Content Knowledge without Hirsch’s Help

Who am I?

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