More than Gotcha: Kamala’s Busing Blunder

So I should confess to begin with that I really can’t stand Kamala Harris. As I say quite often on Twitter, her voice is as grating as Hillary Clinton’s, and it’s astonishing she doesn’t remind everyone of their least favorite ex-girlfriend or a really obnoxious seventh grade social studies teacher. What everyone else saw as passion in her debate, I saw as a windup doll whose string had been pulled.

But never mind that. As I write this, the consensus opinion among GOP analysts (Jonah Goldberg being the only demurrer I’ve seen) is that Harris poleaxed Biden when she said:

Clearly, her team had planned this carefully, up to and including using an altered image that makes her look like a black child of poverty.

But more to the point, why wasn’t every GOP analyst and every conservative reporter up in her face about it?

Harris lied, for one thing. Or at least implied, that we all might infer.

She was not the second class to be integrated at Berkeley public schools. The Berkeley school district, like most districts in California since Mendez vs Westminister, enrolled by neighborhood. Berkeley High School had always been integrated because it was the only high school in the district. After nearly a decade of black community pressure, junior high schools had been integrated in 1964. Berkeley High had tremendous racial tensions throughout the sixties, caused not by white segregationists but demands by emboldened black radicals. (I’m not saying that’s a bad thing).

After the school board survived a recall vote by opponents, they decided to work more slowly to integrate the elementary schools. This gave white opponents time to leave, and many of them did. (Prior to this white flight, Berkeley was a primarily conservative town; the liberals banded together with blacks to gain control. )  However, many other progressive whites moved to Berkeley to support the idea of voluntary integration, so the white population stayed the same. Notably, the black population didn’t increase: blacks in unintegrated Oakland stayed put rather than move to Berkeley.

Four years later, in 1968, the elementary schools were integrated via busing, with the black children in the Berkeley “flats” traveling to the mostly white schools of the hills, and vice versa. Kamala Harris was in the second class of integrated elementary school students. (all of this is easily sourced, but this book  goes into the most detail) While the elementary integration is generally considered successful, it hasn’t done anything to improve the achievement gap or de facto segregation.

All she had to do was insert one word in between “public” and “schools”.  There’s no question that Berkeley’s elementary school integration was notable for its two-directional busing and its smooth implementation. 1960s Berkeley was still discriminatory; it’s unlikely Harris’s academic mom could have lived outside the flats, thanks to redlinining practices. High school students were tracked ruthlessly, although most reports suggest accurately. Blacks weren’t doing well at Berkeley High, and Berkeley itself wasn’t the enlightened tolerant place it is today.

But to acknowledge that she wasn’t breaking color barriers would have ruined the narrative. How else could she hint at the horrors of racism if not to suggest that even liberal Berkeley was forcibly keeping black kids in black schools until she and her peers boldly broke the color lines?

Harris could rest assured that no mainstream media outlet would object to her lie. supported her lie, even as it revealed the truth. This way, Harris could pretend that there but for the grace of liberal courts, her legal career would have been denied her.

The second part of Harris’s claim is ludicrous as well as dishonest. Her parents were academics, not working class or uneducated blacks. Her father was gone by that time, but Harris lived a very nice life even if her mother chose to live in the Berkeley flats while working at Cal. Given her parents’ background, how likely is it that the Harris sisters would have gone to a bad school?

Denied a professorship at Cal, Harris’s mother uprooted the family and took them to Canada for a new job, also in academia. Harris graduated from a Quebec high school.

So Harris is lying about the environment that gave her a bus ride, and pretending that going to a partially white elementary school when she was seven is all that prevented her from being a dropout or, god forbid, a teacher.

None of this is terrible. It’s just irritating in that no one picked up on the lie. Everyone accepted it, even though the misstatement is well-documented. Everyone allows her to pretend that busing is why she’s AG and a Senator.

But what I’m more puzzled and aggravated by is all the Republican pundits gleefully celebrating, or at least enjoying, the purported slam dunk of Biden. Ha, ha! Look, there’s Harris, a black woman, taking Biden apart for opposing busing when she was bused! It’s perfect! Wow, what timing! What elan! Harris wins!

It’s all about the gotcha and its entertainment value.

And I’m sitting here thinking what the hell? Busing? Busing was a disasterMuch of the country hated busing. Joe Biden took the lead on busing because he’d have been a one-term Senator if he didn’t. Read about the anger and the white flight throughout the 70s that resulted when cities tried to forcibly desegregate neighborhood schools and end de facto segregation and Biden’s position becomes obvious.

No one else seemed to notice, though. Even conservatives like Mollie Hemingway, Comfortably Smug, and Hugh Hewitt were gleefully celebrating Harris’s body blow based, from what I can tell, purely on hahahaha she’s black, he’s old, she’s using his decades old vote to catch him out on changing times.

Every conservative I follow was rightly stunned at the entire slate’s support for open borders. As Ari Fleischer put it:

But most people were so wowed by this comment that they don’t seem to think about what it meant:

And there was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bussed [sic] to school every day. And that little girl was me. So I will tell you that on this subject, it cannot be an intellectual debate among Democrats. We have to take it seriously. We have to act swiftly.

…..It’s a failure of states to integrate public schools in America. I was a part of the second class to integrate Berkeley, California, public schools almost two decades after Brown v. Board of Education.

That’s where the federal government must step in.

Look, Americans who aren’t dealing with immigrants every day often don’t completely grasp what it’s like, and go squishy on things like border control or amnesty.

In contrast, they are entirely clear on the intrusive, invasive ways the federal government can “step in” to order schools.  And they don’t like it one bit.

Go ahead, Kamala, you brave truth teller, you survivor of segregated Berkeley discrimination. Tell all those Dem voters how busing is what America’s schools need to achieve the necessary diversity. Tell them how you’ll appoint judges who’ll overrule Milliken, allow states to mandate integration across districts.

Tell  white working class voters the Dems still need in order to win, all those rich white progressives who purport to love people of color so long as some other school is being integrated, not theirs. Tell low income African Americans to forget about those charter schools they like so much, because your great integration plan means they’ll be unnecessary.  Trumpet your plans to mandate school systems like San Francisco, where racial quotas determine where and how far each child will be sent away from home. While you’re at it, explain how this system resulted in far more segregation. 

Go ahead and tell people that your plan will end segregation as the government sorts populations based on race, just like the Civil Rights Act of 1964 planned all along.

But best of all, go tell Asians all about your great plans. Tell all those parents at  those 80, 90% Asian public schools you plan to yank half of the kids out and send them into the inner cities with all sorts of poor black and Hispanic kids. Go ahead and tell Asian immigrants that they can’t cluster and dominate in certain schools, tested or otherwise.

This is a community that sent out a 12 year old girl  to say, in public: “If I work hard, shouldn’t I have an advantage over those who don’t even try?…It’s just not right for me to work hard and do my best while others are being lazy.”

And even after that, the New York legislature backed down on deBlasio’s plan to open up the schools to the kids that girl called lazy.

These are people who brought enormous, angry pressure on a Palo Alto school district when the board wanted to name a school after  a Japanese American who fought for his country.  As immigrants who think of themselves only as Chinese, the opponents looked at an American and saw only a hated enemy from Japan. They won, too.

Raise your hand, everyone who thinks Asian immigrants are going to give the smallest iota of a rat’s dropping about Kamala Harris’s guilt trips? Go grab some popcorn, I say.

I hope Andrew Ujifusa or one of the other Edweek reporters will run with this opportunity hound Harris relentlessly with:

“Senator Harris, you’ve opposed charters throughout your career. In the debate, you strongly supported busing. Are you planning on ending charter schools so you can more easily enforce busing mandates? Will you appoint judges who will overrule the ban on inter-district busing?”

She would have to choose. She could walk back her insistence that the federal government must intervene to enforce school integration. Or she could explain how she’s going to implement country wide integration by taking away all choice from America’s parents.

I don’t understand politics, I know, but for the life of me I don’t understand why every politician from Trump on down to dogcatcher isn’t tweeting about Harris’s plan. Then hound every other Dem candidate and force them to fight that battle for her. Harris will be oh so very popular.

“If you like your school, too bad. Democrats won’t let you keep it.”

Note: I teach in a school that may as well have been formed by Harris’s mandate, so integrated and diverse it is. I like it fine. I just live in a reality-based world most of the time.

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  • Jesse Malkin

    Interesting post. I am white. I grew up in the nice part of Berkeley from infancy and attended public schools all the way through 12th grade. I remember taking the bus with other white kids to Columbus elementary school in “the flats.” Our schools were integrated, though as I recall young kids almost exclusively hung out with other kids of the same racial group. In this sense, the surface image of racial integration was something of farce.

    It is not clear to me why Kamala Harris couldn’t have become a lawyer if not for busing. Had she attended a mostly black school in the flats at the age of 7 rather than a mostly white school in the hills, I doubt it would have made a difference in her educational trajectory.

    • Calvin Hobbes

      “It is not clear to me why Kamala Harris couldn’t have become a lawyer if not for busing. Had she attended a mostly black school in the flats at the age of 7 rather than a mostly white school in the hills, I doubt it would have made a difference in her educational trajectory.”

      She must think that being around a lot of black kids, even for just a few years, makes a person stupid.

      But she thinks non-black parents should not object to the enstupidication of their children?

      Or does she think that only black (or, in her case, “black”) children are made stupid by being in a mostly black environment?

  • Joel

    Worth noting: Los Angeles Unified School District, second largest after NYC, had a recent school board election. Jackie Goldberg won, becoming a swing vote. She is a good person, smart and very experienced, by far the most qualified candidate. She is anti-charter and led the mandatory busing policy of the late 70s. It had an immediate massive impact on the district’s demographics, just not the one they intended.

    Meanwhile, the 1982 Plyler decision , and Asian and Hispanic immigration further transformed the student population in the L.A. region.

    Ed Real is correct to anticipate trouble when the Democrats’ PC platitudes conflict with Cultural, Parental, and Educational Reality.

    Best wishes for Presidential candidate De Blasio and his running mate from electoral-vote-rich California, Vice Presidential candidate Carranza. They can run on their records for sacrificing merit-based academic excellence for playground Social Justice.

  • Roger Sweeny

    Andrew Ujifusa. Any relation to Grant Ujifusa, the long-time co-author of the Almanac of American Politics?

  • Mark Roulo

    “But what I’m more puzzled and aggravated by is all the Republican pundits gleefully celebrating, or at least enjoying, the purported slam dunk of Biden. ”

    I would assume that Republican pundits believe that Biden has a better chance to beat Trump than Harris does. If they consider this damage against their (Trump’s?) biggest thread then it makes sense.

    Hillary and co. were cheering for Trump in the 2016 Republican primaries …

    • educationrealist

      I get that. But they are more than ready to mock Harris for her open borders stance, her “take away private insurance” position. Yet they’re ignoring the fact that she wants the federal government to step in and mandate busing and….crickets.

  • Mark Roulo

    “But what I’m more puzzled and aggravated by is all the Republican pundits gleefully celebrating, or at least enjoying, the purported slam dunk of Biden.”

    I’d assume that the Republican pundits consider Biden a larger threat to win the 2020 general election than Kamela Harris. So cheering for the larger threat taking damage makes sense.

    Hillary and co. were cheering on Trump in the 2016 primaries …

  • renato

    > She would have to choose. She could walk back her insistence that the federal government must intervene to enforce school integration. Or she could explain how she’s going to implement country wide integration by taking away all choice from America’s parents.

    I think that is exactly the point, but it won’t/can’t be done now.
    You can also get a gotcha now by owning her, and everyone will forget it later, or you can wait and use it to get votes from the scared parents later.

  • Charles

    Not all Republican pundits: Mike Huckabee pointed out that she was ignoring the historical context, that many people of the time of all races who strongly opposed segregation also opposed forced busing. They thought that putting kids on buses for 90 minutes a day and sending them far away from home to achieve some predetermined racial balance was a dumb, counterproductive and even racist “solution.”

  • Regina Van Amberg

    She was born in 1964…long after bussing would have affected her life. I was born in Torrance Ca 10 years before she was born maybe if she said a much older sibling was bussed during that riotous time would have been more believable. In the 70s kids of all color were bussed freely. Fact is bussing was aimed more toward Hispanic s at thst time frame.

  • J Haney

    I’m still co fuses as to where she lied? Was she, in fact, in the second class of an integrated school? Is the lie that it was always a black and white community?

    • educationrealist

      She was, in fact, the second class of an integrated school. but her claim was that she was the second class of an integrated *district*. That’s untrue. She also neglects to mention that Berkeley voluntarily integrated. There was no court order. Progressives moved into the area to be part of integrated schools. She wasn’t a brave little kid marching in front of hostile forces,which she clearly wants everyone to infer. But that’s just misleading. the first part is a lie.

  • eah

    “(I’m not saying that’s a bad thing).”

    Why not? Do you think it was a good thing? Or just ‘meh’?

    I confess absolutely unsheepishly to having no idea what she was trying to say with that tweet. But in any case I think she has very little worthwhile to say generally.

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  • Calisse tabarnac

    She didn’t become AG because she got on a bus. She became AG because she got on her knees.

    • Stephen Weiss

      Kamela is as unlikeable as Hillary Clinton, she is however as good a liar. Really the only differences are she’s younger and black, and cheated with a married man which boosted her career.. So we know she slept her way up, I’m pretty sure Hillary didn’t have that capability.

  • Lorenzo Poe

    “from President Trump to dogcatcher”
    First, Dogcatcher is always capitalized.
    Second, It should be ‘from Dogcatcher to President Trump”. Highest calling to lowest. Working with animals is much more fulfilling than working with politicians. Plus the animals don’t scatter their poop everywhere like the pols do.

  • Kay Frederick

    You’re wrong. She was on the second *elementary* school to be integrated. There was only one high school in Berkeley so it was always integrated

  • Falluja

    On the morning after Senator Harris, I called the David Webb show. I engaged in an overnight internal dialogue that included visuals of African American West Point cadets at the 2008 Army Navy game. The cadets chanted: “Obama is not the descendant of slaves!” And neither is Senator Harris. They remind me of me, a little girl, in Jamaica, Queens, daughter of immigrants. Except we excelled academically given all opportunities and race was never really the obstacle. In spite of my conservative core values, I am guilty of utilizing race bait tactics rather than fully incorporating the marvels of ethics and individual accountability as an mantra. Senator Harris went to Howard University as a Canadian high school student and daughter of an Indian woman. She pledged a historically African American sorority (Alpha) that beats and hazes female pledges. Only light skinned women are invited to pledge. A paper bag is held to the pledge’s face to insure they are light skinned enough (essentially requesting white heritage). What a wonderful choice for a little girl from Berkley, who is the daughter of a West Indian and has no link to slavery or the African American experience.

    • Ben Lomond

      “the daughter of a West Indian and has no link to slavery . . .”


      As a non-American, I don’t, apart from hoping Trump is re-elected next year, have a dog in this fight, but I am surprised by the above assertion. Are you saying the antecedents of her West Indian father made their way, independently, to the Caribbean as free citizens?

      • educationrealist

        Jamaica has a mountainous interior, and as early as 1655, there were numerous black communities that Britain was negotiating with as independent entities. Slavery ended much earlier, and even before then many slaves ran away to the free blacks in the mountains.

        If your argument is that blacks in America suffered not just from slavery but from second class status for hundreds of years, Jamaica history is quite different. (That’s not my argument; I’m just sayin’)

      • Ben Lomond

        You say, “Slavery ended much earlier”. Earlier than what? Certainly not 1655. Slaves were being transported to Jamaica up until the early 1800s and slavery itself wasn’t ended until the 1830s.
        My argument is that a Jamaican of African descent would have pretty much the same link to slavery as an African-American. The difference is 30-odd years.
        Falluja’s suggestion that black Jamaicans have no link to slavery is a nonsense.
        I’m certainly not suggesting that blacks in America “suffered not just from slavery but from second class status for hundreds of years”. They may have — my guess is that most did but quite a few didn’t — but it’s not an argument I’m interested in getting into.

      • educationrealist

        “My argument is that a Jamaican of African descent would have pretty much the same link to slavery as an African-American.”

        Yeah, I know. And what I described is pretty wildly different. Black communities in Jamaica had self-governance from the 17th century.

    • Micha Elyi

      Had Colin Powell run for President in 2000 as many in 1999 supposed that he might, you bet that demagogic blacks of the Democrat party would have insisted that he was not an ‘authentic black’ because Powell was not descended from US slaves.

      If it weren’t for their double standards, the Left would have no standards at all.

    • feeferoni

      Oh, the delicious irony of a graduate of a HBCU, someone who was a member of a sorority that applied a litmus test (based on skin color) chastising Biden for failing to use Fed powers to force mandatory busing across all 50 States!

      Of course, Kamala recently stated her intention to use Fed powers to force busing across all 50 States.

      Cue up $100M of DT Campaign TV attack ads showing her debate footage, then cutting to images of a future President Warren signing an executive order to institute mandatory busing, then cutting to images of white suburban children being forced onto buses at gunpoint by Nat’l Guard troops, so kids can spend an hour traveling to an inner-city school, so disadvantaged minority kids can attend schools in their neighborhood.

      Attack Ad closes on her campaign slogan, “Make Busing Great Again!”

      If DT was worrying about finding a way to win back those swing-state suburban women who were offended by his rapey misogyny (“she isn’t my type!”), Harris just solved that problem for him.

  • Mike

    I was in the Berkeley public schools at the same time as Harris and about the same grade. I lived in the hills and was bussed to the flats for grades 4-6. I doubt she would have had as good an experience in elementary school without the bussing. The environment at my school in the flats felt somewhat chaotic compared to the relative calm of my school in the hills. But it is also a huge stretch for her to say she would not be where she is if she didn’t spend three years in an elementary school in the hills.

    I also want to correct the idea in this post that integration was somehow a smooth process. There was a lot of racial violence in the schools and as white students in the flats we feared being assaulted by the black kids. While we attended the same schools, there was little social integration.

    I don’t regret being bussed – it was an important experience for me. But the school administration did a terrible job of fostering a more peaceful environment.

    I’m a Democrat but could never vote for Harris. She is airbrushing an experience that was difficult for a lot of kids. If we are going to have real, constructive integration, we need to acknowledge the full picture of past failures like Berkeley’s bussing program.

    • educationrealist

      I thought I made it pretty clear that Berkeley wasn’t the progressive nirvana people think of it as. I do think they deserve credit for trying to integrate voluntarily. But I agree it was, and is, a failure.

      I also linked in that book to reinforce the things that happened. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Tim

      but she went to school in Canada.

  • Kronos

    Do you see any other “policy” red flags from the rest of the candidates? Signs of the reemergence of neoliberal reformers?

    • educationrealist

      Nope. Ed reform on all sides has taken a beating. And hi, if you’re who I think you are.

    • Calvin Hobbes

      Kamasutra Harris above:
      “Two decades after Brown v. Board, I was only the second class to integrate at Berkeley public schools. Without that decision, I likely would not have become a lawyer and eventually be elected a Senator from California.”

      Someone should ask her whether she thinks the kids who got bused the other way, to the crummy schools away from the good schools, had their lives messed up.

  • The Hang Nail

    What is grating to me is that when someone brings up a “grating” voice before launching into an argument. It’s very sexist but the educationrealist will obviously deny that he is biased. I suppose he thinks Trump has the soothing voice of an angel? But I digress.

    We all know politicians bend and distort the truth. Every debate is full of it. Trump has made an art form of making up stories that have little basis in reality. So my question is, why focus on Harris’s distortion here? And I agree she willfully edited her life narrative for dramatic purposes. The point she was making was that bussing was good and Biden was bad to oppose it. She connected her life to the basic effects of integration policies, especially busing for dramatic purposes. Now if she had no connection to integration I would understand the outrage, but she went to school in a district that was forced to integrate shortly before she attended. And she is black. So yeah, she has the right to make that point. In this case bending the facts a bit is completely trivial because it was an emotional argument. It’s different when say, Trump argues he is a successful businessman and that successful business people are able to govern more effectively. When that is the main basis of your sales pitch and it is built on a colossal lie it makes Harris’s little narrative seem pretty small. I think leaving out inherited millions and a penchant for bankruptcy is something to have outrage about.

    Now I don’t know anything about educationrealist’s politics, but the fact that he starts out by making a big deal about Harris’s voice and then going on to dwell on a minor lie when we are literally swimming in a sea of Republican lies just shows that we are dealing with some major bias.

    • educationrealist

      You are incorrect. Berkeley wasn’t forced to integrate. It integrated voluntarily.

      “The point she was making was that bussing was good and Biden was bad to oppose it. ”

      I wrote this in a hurry, and I’m indirect at the best of times. But surely you see that my main point is that this is the problem? I dismiss the lie as annoying, but nothing much. (Trump is called on all his lies). The real issue is her support of busing.

      As for my politics, while I mostly write about education, I’m a Trump supporter and immigration restrictionist.

    • Sammy

      Your post is ridiculous, she lied on top of the fact she went all of two years to school in Berkley before she moved to Canada, from age 7 to college. When she voluntarily moved back to “racist” America to go to college and live as an adult.

      “Inherited millions”, Trump’s brother and sister also inherited the same amount money from their father and neither are billionaires. Trump never filed for bankruptcy, nor did his main company, odd your post is defending a liar like Harris by lying about Trump. A company that he had part ownership filed for bankruptcy, since he has in lifetime been affiliated with 1300 businesses, that’s about as relevant as Harris’s going about how racist America is by telling 40 year old child stories to prove it.

      Her mother is Indian, her father is mixed race Jamaican neither were American when they had her, she was raised in Canada and is married to a Jewish man and has no children. Trump raised in Queens has more first knowledge of the African American experience, including dating a black model for 2 years in 80’s than Harris.

      Keep projecting, it democrats that lie about everything under sun including their childhood.

      • Falluja

        I can only hope that in one hundred years historians at a Trumponian Democracy symposium refer to Sammy’s post in their parenthetical documentation. It is a verified source, it is gospel. I am from Jamaica Queens, just as is Trump. Everyone in my non-white elementary and my high school in ungentrified Ft Greene Blyn has very advanced degrees – most have doctorates and I do not. The top NYC science schools have very small white minority population but are feeders to top 20 schools. Ever since the 1960s. Native New Yorkers of past decades are smarter because we are street fighters. Watch any network sitcom about the collective shmuck from Queens. We are sharp, self-deprecating, worldly and defensive. Also, we move on up to the proverberial East Side. We want more, we want up and out.

        Donald Trump and Rudy were NY icons before these, nouveau riche poseurs I am heart broken that the Never Trumpers have distorted the reflections and collective history of pre-911 New York City. And then I watch a Trump rally and I see how there’s a piece of Queens in every MAGA hat (just a a Yankee hat embodies the Bronx).

        As for our newly crowned Snoop Dog fangirl/Reggae dancehall queen from Po’ Dunk Berkley, California (peaaace maaan), Condi Rice teaches at Stanford so you might get schooled on being bussed and being black real soon.
        Girl please. Jamaica Queens has been West Indian for 50 years or more. Berkley does not have a Caribbean population, neither does neighboring Oakland which is largely southern black migrants that speak “Calabama” (yes, a terminology I learned from Prof. Cornel West when Ize wuz a poor little immigrant girl at Harvard).

        Again, I submit, Senator Harris, President Obama learned to speak black, laugh black, maybe eat black and date black. However President Obama married correctly and for decades has had First Lady Obama to legitimize his status in the American Black Overclass. Senator Harris has her sorority Alpha kappa Alpha., an elite organization that boasts the who’s who of Black Society in America. Let’s wait and see if anyone from her past will resurface to answer me this “Why Howard University?.” No one from Obama’s past would ever dare.

  • Quiet

    Entirely unrelated question, since I don’t see anywhere to submit questions – what can be done, as far as damage minimization, for teachers who are not allowed to discipline violent children and are not given adequate resources to help them?

    • educationrealist

      I’ve answered that implicitly, but not explicitly throughout the blog. Short answer, not much. It’s the backwards justification for low income charter schools.

      • Kronos

        I believe it’s just Harris trying to appear something akin to the “Little Rock Nine.” That situation WAS nasty, with a very high risk of receiving bodily harm.

        Its like Obama talking about be raised in “the tough streets of Honalulu.” His Grandmother was a banking executive. The grandparents and Barack lived in a nice (very safe) apartment complex.

  • Bart

    Don’t be such a nerd. When your enemy is in the process of hanging himself, get out of the way.

    Why on earth would any Republican set himself up as the bad guy in this situation by arguing these obscure details? The important thing is that the Democrats are tearing themselves apart.

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  • Tim

    Her parents divorced when she was 7 years old and her mother moved with her to Montreal, Canada. Kamala Harris lived in Canada for 16 years and graduated from Westmount High School in Westmount, Quebec, Canada.

  • The Objective Historian

    I think she was mostly accurate here. But what interests me is this … is she for busing now between, for instance, Montgomery County and Philadelphia? That won’t go well for Democrats.

  • EB

    I agree with you about the grating quality of Harris’ voice, and I disagree with those who say it’s sexist to say such a thing (I’m a woman). I believe that you can learn a lot about someone not only through their words (which can be lies) but also their body language, facial expressions, and voice, all of which can convey truth beyond mere words. Her whole being tells me that she is driven, cunning, shallow, devoid of empathy, and willing to do almost anything to achieve her goals. When she speaks, I feel a visceral revulsion, as if she is a very dangerous person that I must get away from.

    • educationrealist

      I don’t know if I think she’s dangerous, but I agree with you about the visceral revulsion. the first time I really heard her was in the Kavanaugh hearings, and I was really surprised that people felt she was a credible candidate based purely on that flat, unpleasant voice.

      • Meredith

        Kamala Harris wasn’t mean to Joe Biden. She wasn’t aggressive with Joe Biden. She wasn’t hostile to Joe Biden. You’re just unfamiliar with black people calling you on your bullshit particularly in matters of race.

        Get used to it.

      • educationrealist

        You, on the other hand, seem unfamiliar with the term “accuracy”, as neither “mean” nor “aggressive” was used in this conversation.

  • Susan Blanton

    I think private For profit Charter Schools should be shut down. It is an elitist system that is rife with abuse. What is good for Charter schools is good for all schools. This coming from a retired teacher.

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  • kadja2

    When I first watched the debate, I felt that she lied but for different reasons. I lived in California when I was little. I am two years older than she is. Both of us were born after September so we would not have been able to start until the next year— which means both of us would have been closer to 7 instead of 6 at the time we started. While you were correct in that Berkeley was already integrated I was trying to figure out how the heck she was in the second class rather than the third or fourth being that she was born in October 1964… It made no sense to begin with because that school was already integrated.

    They changed it to the cut off month to December but I think it was well after that. By that time we had already moved to another state and I was able to start.

    My question was is she one of those vain women who lies about her age only for different reasons? Maybe she did it just to take that potshot at Biden but something just doesn’t smell right about her comments.

    Either way they only one that made any sense that night was Hickenlooper. He sounded more like an old school Democrat and stated that socialism was not the way to go because it won’t work.

    I think he needs to go independent now. The party of Kennedy is gone…

  • John T Koszalka

    This is a true ALINSKYITE—-LYING is one of the preferred weapons in ALINSKY’S book “rules for radicals” Clinton, and Obama used the same weapon all the time.

  • eded

    It should be noted that she lived in Westmount in Montreal which is the very affluent anglo area of Montreal. Justin Trudeau was raised there after his father left office. It’s one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Canada.

  • Lstrong

    Whites and blacks were bussed in Cali. Black and white parents hated it.



  • Kamala Harris: The Racial Strife Candidate • Just Conservative Views

    […] The blogger Education Realist explains why Kamala Harris’s self-narrative regarding busing and int… He’s frustrated at conservative pundits who thought her “that little girl was me” moment was a solid body blow against Biden. I still disagree; I think that it was a great moment for her politically, as a candidate in the Democratic primaries, in that I suspect it will start to peel away Biden’s black support. […]

  • Kamala Harris' Busing Integration Story Is Misleading

    […] of black students integrated in the "Berkeley California public schools." Berkeley High School had always been integrated because it was the only high school in the district. Junior high schools had been integrated in […]

  • The debates: Democrat contempt for America and Americans laid bare – 53percenter's Blog

    […] got raked over the coals by Harris on the busing issue.  Talk about old news.  She lied about her own experience; her Berkeley district was not segregated.  Forced […]

  • Mitchell Young

    The exactly on point but connected — Harris claims to be ‘hurt’ by Biden’s praising segregationist Senators. Somehow association with segregationist senators didn’t stop her supporting Hilary in 2016 — Hils and her husband were quite close, even in a mentoring relationship with William Fulbright, a signer of the Southern Manifesto. In fact, there is (or was) even a (Hilary) Clinton-Fulbright fellowship

  • Doyle McCurley

    It does not surprise me that she is a liar. As a white african American I don’t understand why someone calls themselves “Indian and Jamaican ” at all times…..except when running for President she is black. She is ashamed of black Americans and this is why she claims tk be 1/2 Jamaican.


    its sad that the black people who say they were wronged and continue to lie , first she slept with her boss to get a job and now she is LIEING if this is the way she runs her life she should walk away because its going to get worse

  • Texas Belle

    I had to laugh about the bussing mandate when people complained that a child might have to travel 5 or so miles to a different school. My siblings and I rode a school bus for 27 miles each way (54 total) every day to attend the school of our choice. The bus had no heater or air conditioner. We left home in the dark and arrived back home late in the afternoon. We had chores to do on the farm and homework afterwards. We didn’t know that it was a hardship.

  • Jack Elliot

    This is incredibly well outlined and presented. Thank you, educationrealist.

  • william

    Plus the fact that she’s not black.. She is from Jamaica

  • Manavalan

    What a croc. Her heart rending story makes another version of Trump desperately wanting to get into the white house by twisting the truth which in other words is a lie

  • kadja2

    The goal of the SJD’s is to destroy one elite and establish themselves as the new, more oppressive model. To do that, they’ll destroy the Constitution. No thanks. I don’t like what has happened to a party that once cared about the American working class but now doesn’t give a rats butt about anyone from this country. #walkaway

  • Ten Most Read, Ten You Should Read | educationrealist

    […] More than Gotcha: Kamala’s Busing Blunder— June 28, 2019 The only item past its sell date. Most of my work maintains its relevance. But this article, outdated though it is, has a good number of my strengths on display. First, unlike the entire media class, I know how to search for and use relevant history. No one listening should have thought anything other than “that’s bullshit” when she claimed to have been on the frontlines of segregation in Berkeley, CA. But no journalist bothered to do the research. Next, I understood as no one else seemed to that she was essentially coming out in favor of busing.  At a time when most of the media (and all of Twitter) was wowed, I  pointed out she’d almost certainly have to walk that comment back. The other strength: sometimes I really hate people while many other folks are like, man, why is Ed hating on her and then later they go oh, I get it. ignore me, lazy way to space […]

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