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Graduating My Geometry Class

In the fall of 2012, I began my first year at this school. First block, first day, I met a group of 29 freshmen in their first high school math class: geometry.  From the beginning, we all clicked. A new school didn’t seem quite so intimidating because every day of that first semester started with camaraderie and good times–and some […]

Isometries and Coordinate Geometry

Michael Pershan’s post on teaching congruence reminded me that way back in the beginning of summer, I’d been meaning to write up some of my geometry work, which I think is pretty unusual. Still on the list is the lesson sequencing, but here is some thoughts and sample problems on integrating Isometries and coordinate geometry. […]

Algebra 1 Growth in Geometry and Algebra II, Spring 2013

This is part of an ongoing series on my Algebra II and Geometry classes. By definition, students in these classes should have some level of competence in Algebra I. I’ve been tracking their progress on an algebra I pre-assessment test. The test assesses student ability to evaluate and substitute, use PEMDAS, solve simple equations, operate […]

Algebra 1 Growth in Geometry and Algebra II

Last September, I wrote about my classes and the pre-algebra/Algebra 1 assessment results. My school covers a year of instruction in a semester, so we just finished the first “year” of courses. I start with new students and four preps on Monday. Last week, I gave them the same assessment to see if they’d improved. […]

Mapping Real Life with Coordinate Geometry

Yesterday, I wanted to close off the coordinate geometry section (distance, midpoint) before I moved into logic. Rather than put a few random problems on the board, I came up with a map description. Han is a driver for Harley’s Restaurant Supplies, making his Monday morning route. He went due north for three miles, dropping […]

Geometry: Starting Off

The first day or two of geometry is always point line plane. We never really use it again. Geometry has mostly been subordinated to algebra in high school, as I’ve written before, and my geometry class is best thought of as algebra applications with geometry. Or is it the other way round? Purists see geometry […]

Meanwhile, back in Geometry….

As much as possible, I want the students to know a few unifying ideas about triangles. That’s why I dumped medians, orthocenters, and a lot of the relatively obscure triangle facts—not because they aren’t useful, but because most of my students will never use them again and I want them to have plenty of time […]

The Virtue of Last Minute Planning–Geometry

Teacher education, whether traditional or TFA, places great emphasis on essential importance of planning. I am not overstating when I say that many ed school instructors think that planning is teaching. Ed school instructors–and teachers as a group–are planners, the type who get nervous if they don’t know what they are teaching in two weeks, […]

Teaching Geometry

I taught two geometry sections my first year at a different school, and while I didn’t do a particularly good job (the classroom management problems were horrible for a different reason, and the curriculum was CPM–ick), I came away with useful insights that have really improved my execution this year. Geometry Then and Now Back […]

Will the Rising Tide of Nuttiness Come My Way?

******************************************************************************** Back when school was real life, my phone rang. “I need you to send Manuel Perez to the front office.” “Wrong room. I don’t have a Manuel Perez.” “This is your precalc class?” “Yes.” “Manuel Perez.” “No. I have a Sophie Perez.” Pause. “That’s Manuel.” My turn to pause. I looked at the phone. […]