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I did 100 posts in 10 months, but I had a number of ideas backlogged. 200 posts took me 19 months. At the rate I’ve been going, 300 posts will take me 25 months.

I want to change that, but I’m not sure how. I like each essay to be stand alone, and the best way to increase my output is to chunk thoughts. So I did that with Finding the Bad Old Days and Just a Job, which I’d originally planned as one piece. I likewise have chunked Memory Palace for Thee, but Not for Me and the Advanced Placement analysis. But I haven’t gotten back to Memory Palace, and am not sure when I’ll get back to the AP work. On the other hand, if I hadn’t posted that much, when would you all have seen it? I’m still pushing to get to 5 essays a month, but thus far I’ve been hardpressed to keep to four. However, as Mark Zuckerberg said to Cory Booker, “DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT”. Billionaires are all Js, in Myers Briggs terms, so I’m going to try and up the J of this blog and downplay the P-ness. (haha! MB joke, that.)

Anyway. I have just hit 385,000 views, have 560 or so Twitter followers, and have long since given up tracking posts that made over 1000 views. I have nine posts that have exceeded 5,000 page views, four of which I’ve written since October of 2012—in fact, all of four have been written since April of last year.

Leaving popularity aside, here are some favorites from the last 100 posts, in rough order of my preference:

And if you’re interested, here’s my most recent take on why I blog.

Newcomers, you can check out the Encyclopedias, which I’ve updated:
Encyclopedia of Ed:
Things Voldemortean
The Players
Movies, Miscellany, and Me

Repeating myself: this blog has a readership and influence that has wildly exceeded anything I envisioned, not only when I started two years ago, but to this day. Thanks again for following me on twitter, on the blog, for your comments (even when I’m cranky), and for taking the time to stop by.

PS: Go ahead, Pershan, mock me.


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  • James Thompson

    Education realist, you are a hard act to follow (or trail behind). Let me see if I have got this right: 200 posts, 19 months, 385,000 views, and 560 Twitter followers. Retirement, that’s what you need. Slow up, give way.
    So says James, 318 posts, 19 months, 180,000 views, and 438 Twitter followers.
    (Please send secret sauce in separate email).

    • educationrealist

      Not quite. 200 posts in 30 months, not 19 months.

      Or the other way, which looks good: 100 posts in 19 months, 350,000 views and about 450 twitter followers. That’s the delta.

      And I’m an incredibly slow writer! Slower than you! I think I just have a wide audience with a lot of research people are looking for. My daily readership is probably about the same as yours. Plus, you know, you’re a prof and all that. Thanks!

  • grey enlightenment

    The reality is, writing quality isn’t that important, nor the length. I’ve seen short 100 words posts or posts that are a single headline generate as much discussion and interest as New Yorker style essays. Shorter, simpler essays allow the readers to participate and fill in the gaps , which they will gladly do, because they enjoy it.

  • Retired

    Finding the Bad Old Days and Just a Job, were your most thought provoking pieces in a while. Could you follow those up with opinions what to teach the left side of the curve?

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