I am not competitive, but I like comparisons. How is my little corner of the blog universe doing? Why am I getting all this traffic? Are people actually reading me? Are all these clicks just random clicks from autobots of some sort? For most of October, I wrote only two posts, but two days before the end of the month it had been my biggest month (click–can’t figure out how to render full-size).

That’s not impossible; my essays are often discovered after the fact. Mine is not a time dependent blog linking in news of the day. Still, I wonder.

So I figured out how to use Alexa, a little (click):


Alexa says that rankings are kind of sketchy until you’re under 100,000. Well. Diane Ravitch’s ranking is something like 161K. Education Excellence–the website, not the blog–is something like 220K. Diane is the only individual education blogger I could find with really high rankings; I didn’t include her on this because the scale eradicated all the other differences.

This is primarily a comparison of my site to those of education policy wonks and reporters, with the exception of Dan Meyer. Most individual teacher bloggers I looked up were well below my ranking; everyone I could think of was in the 2 million range or not ranked at all. I couldn’t look up individual edweek bloggers, so I have no idea how Sawchu, Hess, Gerwitz or Cody do, for example. Alexander Russo’s entire site (scholastic administrator) came in below a million—I didn’t include it because I’m not sure how his blog relates to everything else. Daniel Willingham’s site numbers are for everything, but I’m figuring his blog gets most of the traffic.

I can’t figure the whole thing out—it’s clear I improved a lot from a low point in May, but May was a huge month for me. June and July were big dropoffs. It’s also clear I ended “up”–if I’d done this a few weeks ago, I’d have been slightly below some of the bloggers I’m now above. Larry Cuban has been my own benchmark for a year; I used another site (Quantcast, I think?) and because we are both on wordpress comparisons were pretty easy. He’s usually right above me; it’s a fluke that right now I’m ranked slightly higher than he is.

However, I thought this was a helpful graphic. I’m not imagining things; Alexa thinks I’m doing pretty well in a relative sense. I mean, there’s really major bloggers who are in the same million rankings with me! And I do it for free. Kudos to Joanne Jacobs, who I’ve been reading for years and does it all on her own. Dan Meyer, also doing it all by himself, as a teacher no less, has great numbers, too.

Any ideas? Other sites to check out? Or do your own comparison.

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16 responses to “Traffic

  • James Thompson

    Why not compare yourself with “Psychological Comments”? I often cover educational issues, but from a rather distant, intelligence point of view.
    I have been going for almost a year, and although I have 18 days to go I have just achieved 60,000 readers this very minute. You had got 67,000 by your first anniversary, so I doubt I will catch you up. Now, will I be able to get 175,000 readers in my next year? Hope so. By the way, you do well in August. It is a school holiday effect? Anyway, cut this out and get back to blogging.

    • educationrealist

      I thought of that, as well as teaching battleground, but decided to keep it U.S. You’re English, right?

      60,000 readers, or page views? And that’s still very good. I had a huge second half of a year, with three or four big links. You are building up a readership differently. But we’re both essayists.

      August of last year, I had one HUGE essay, Algebra and the Pointlessness of the Whole Damn Thing. That added 4100 page views in a day, which is still my highest single day ever. I think I had one day that hit 3000+ in May (Ann Coulter tweeted me!). The only other big essay I wrote in August was SAT Prep for the Ultra Rich, which has done well over time. And lately my Chris Christie piece is getting attention.

      This last August, I began with Dan Meyer and ended with Kashawn Campbell, two very big pieces. August 2013.

      It’s more a fluke than anything. I had a huge April and May this year, but they were tiny last year.

      • James Thompson

        Thanks. Never forget the English. Most of my readers are American so we should pool the results, and the comparisons. Yes, a good and long essay is what draws thoughtful readers.

  • Mitt

    I have linked your blog probably dozens of times, it’s a great resource to destroy liberal and neo-con arguments. Keep up the good work.

  • Heresy Tracker (@heresiologist)

    If you really want the lowdown on how and why your readers are coming to your site, you should sign up for Google Analytics. It’s free, and would give you more info than you would ever want.

  • Jim

    You are by far the best educational blog I’ve come across.

  • panjoomby

    I 2nd everything above. i found you via & steve sailer, & possibly jayman & hbdchick? & am quite pleased:) not many in education understand psychometric reality (such reality is not happy-shiny enough – & even if it was not reality, its predictive power is the best thing psych has to offer, imho) & even fewer real teachers in the trenches understand it. so you’re a rarity (plus you use the word importunate correctly – you & patrick o’brian in his aubrey-maturin novels:) now don’t get a big head. but thanks for writing.

  • Alex

    This is off-topic, but I don’t know why Rod Dreher was so testy to your comment the other day. TAC is a strange website. It’s odd how there are so many liberals there.

  • ganderson9754

    I came here on a link (can’t remember where- Vdare?) about Asian cheating- stayed because I found it interesting. I’m a HS teacher tired of educational romanticism- and I don’t find that here. Keep it up!

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