Busy schedule

Spring is my busiest time. In addition to my normal teaching job, I have four private instruction classes:

  1. English lit enrichment/PSAT: 3 hours, every Saturday. I wrote about ithere.
  2. ACT prep course: underprivileged kids and the ACT. I’ve done this every year but one of the past six. Nothing is more satisfying than teaching test prep. Every year, six or seven kids who wouldn’t otherwise have escaped remediation do so because they took my class. 3 hours.
  3. AP US History Survey: two classes, 3 hours each. I stand up and talk about US History for 3 hours. No notes, either. I love it. Every year I find something new to add.

So that’s close to 12 hours of private instruction. I also tutor 6-8 hours in a slow week, 10-12 on occasion.

Why, yes,I have a life. But I don’t sleep much.

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